Technology is visible throughout the school. All classrooms in grades K-5 have a ceiling mounted video projection system that can be used by the teacher for classroom presentations. Our second through fifth grade classrooms have interactive white boards. A desktop computer in each classroom is used to connect to the video projection system and/or interactive white board. There are also document cameras for every classroom that can be used to show live images (i.e. close up of a science experiment), take still images, and record video.

The library consists of 12 iMac desktops in the main area. Adjacent to the library is a classroom, which houses 12 more desktops and a stationary cart of 14 MacBook Airs. The desktops from this room came from the former computer lab.

Mobile technology is prevalent in our school. Each grade level has their own dedicated cart of 25 iPads available for teachers to sign out and use in the classrooms. The library also has an iPad cart for students. Special educators have iPads to assist with their instruction.

There are approximately 50 MacBook laptops available for teachers to sign out. Students can use the laptops for research, to publish written work, and to enhance skills using on-line websites.