Makerspace Stations (K-3)

A makerspace is an area where you can design, build, and play using materials. The library has been set up as a makerspace this week to give you the opportunity to think like an engineer and try out some new materials that were purchased. There are five stations set up for you to explore. Some of the new materials you’ll use are the ProBot and Kibo robots. Have fun!



Family Portrait

Make a picture using the felt pieces in the Felt Board app that shows you and your family together. Start by choosing a background, then add the people. You may also add other felt pieces that go with the background. Save to the camera roll and have a teacher upload your picture to Dropbox when finished. Your portrait will be included in your autobiography.





Raz Kids

Listen to and read books on-line at the reading level that is just right for you. Log in by clicking on the picture below. Type your class username. Then, click on your name to get started. There will be at least 10 books to choose from. You may either listen to or read at least one of them, then take the quiz that follows.