Makerspace Stations (Grades 4-5)

A makerspace is an area where you can design, build, and play using materials. The library has been set up as a makerspace this week to give you the opportunity to think like an engineer and try out some new materials that were purchased. There areĀ five stations set up for you to explore. Some of the new materials you’ll use are the littleBits and Makey Makey. Have fun!


State Comic

Create an informational comic about a topic from the state you researched using the Book Creator app. Select one of the comic templates to get started. Begin with the cover, then select the type of panels you want on each page. Add photos & text to the panels. Enhance with stickers, shapes, and a page background. You can include sound too.


Poetry Podcast

Type one of the poems you’ve written using either the Pic Collage or Drawing Pad app. Add a background, pictures, or drawings to enhance your poem. Once finished, save to the camera roll and upload to your teacher’s folder on Dropbox. The poetry from your class will be uploaded to the Book Creator app, where you’ll record your voice reading the poem.


Coming to America

Test your knowledge of word processing skills by editing a document about immigration. Open the Coming to America document from the hard drive and follow the instructions to proofread and format the article. Have a teacher check when finished. Then you may continue practicing your typing skills with Type to Learn 4.

usa map