Makerspace Stations (K-3)

A makerspace is an area where you can design, build, and play using materials. The library has been set up as a makerspace this week to give you the opportunity to think like an engineer and try out some new materials that were purchased. There are five stations set up for you to explore. Some of the new materials you’ll use are the ProBot and Kibo robots. Have fun!



Frogs Around the World- Part 2

Create a slideshow about the frog you researched using Google Slides. Your slideshow should include slides for: a title, location, size, diet, habitat, and interesting facts about the frog. Each slide should have at least one picture and text to go with it. As an extension, you can add animations and brief video of the frog in its habitat. Use the checklist you’re given to keep track of your progress.

green frog


Weather Report

Use the Tellagami app on the iPads to report about the weather topic you researched. Your script should be written and practiced in advance and limited to 6-8 sentences. Currently, Tellagami only allows recordings of up to 30 seconds in length. First, locate a photograph of weather topic on Britannica ImageQuest and save it to the camera roll. Then, open the app and create your avatar. Next, upload the photo you chose as the background. Record your script in a quiet space and upload to Dropbox when finished.


Planet Research

Learn about a planet in our galaxy with this research activity. Begin by watching the BrainPop movie about the planet you’ve been assigned to. Then head to Kids Astronomy, Science Monster, and NASA’s Solar System Exploration for more information. You will use your research for a special project next week. If you finish early, you can watch a video about our Solar System.

 Teacher documents:

Planet Research Groups

Graphic Organizer

Holiday Glog

Create a glog about the federal holiday you researched. Begin with the wall, then add images and text. You’ll be given instructions on how to create an account for school use. Your glog should contain 2-3 images or graphics.  Also include text that answers these questions:

1. What is the history of the holiday?

2. How is the holiday celebrated?

3. Why is it important enough to be on our calendar?