Makerspace Stations (K-3)

A makerspace is an area where you can design, build, and play using materials. The library has been set up as a makerspace this week to give you the opportunity to think like an engineer and try out some new materials that were purchased. There are five stations set up for you to explore. Some of the new materials you’ll use are the ProBot and Kibo robots. Have fun!



Fraction Number Stories

Write your own fraction story and show how you solved it by using the Explain Everything app on the iPad. Use real objects in the classroom to illustrate your story. Open the Explain Everything app, select new project, and take a photo of the object. Then, insert the photo and set up the slide. Be sure to practice recording with your partner. One annotates, the other speaks. When ready, record and annotate the photo. Your finished number story will be sent to DropBox and shared. Click the picture below to see a sample.