Farm Math Stories

Create a math picture using the Make a Scene: Farmyard app. Your picture should show farm animals that can be counted to make a math equation. When you’re finished making the picture, save it to the photos app. Then, open the saved picture in Skitch, add any important information with the draw tool, and exchange it with another classmate to solve.


Makerspace Stations (K-3)

A makerspace is an area where you can design, build, and play using materials. The library has been set up as a makerspace this week to give you the opportunity to think like an engineer and try out some new materials that were purchased. There are five stations set up for you to explore. Some of the new materials you’ll use are the ProBot and Kibo robots. Have fun!



Me on the Map

Create a slideshow that shows where you are in your neighborhood, town, state, country, continent, and planet. Each week you’ll work on one or more pages in Kid Pix. When finished, put the pages together to make a slideshow. Click the picture below for a sample of what a finished project will look like.

Review compass skills by going here. Play until you help Gogg reach his cabin.