Kids with Kids eBook

Make a book that tells about kindergarten and our school. Your book will be shared with the preschoolers that come to the Kids with Kids event. Work together in a group of three to take pictures, type words, and add stickers using the MyStory app. You can record your voice telling about the pages if you have extra time.


Picture Addition

Using objects in your classroom, make a model of two sets (that add to 10 or less). Open Pic Collage and select freestyle. Take a picture using the Camera on your iPad. Next, type a number sentence that goes with your picture. Finally change the background and type your name. You can make another model and follow the same steps if you have time. Share with a classmate when finished.


Type to Learn jr.

You are going to begin the first steps with learning to type by using Type to Learn jr. After starting the program, the Sunbuddies will guide you through logging in. Once you’re at the home screen, click the learning center on the top floor to get started. Tiny will give you a hint about correct posture and then you’ll practice lowercase letters first. After 15 minutes in the learning center, you can try one of the games on the second floor. Have fun!

Type to Learn jr.