Digital Citizen Survival Kit

What is digital citizenship? What do good digital citizens do? These are questions we’ll discuss. Then, your class will be divided into six groups and given a digital citizen survival kit. This kit contains the essentials for surviving in a digital world. Each object in the kit is a symbol for a skill that you need to be successful. Can you match the objects with the skills?

Welcome Back Fourth Graders!

I’m looking forward to another great year of helping you use technology with your learning. Once we introduce ourselves, I will review the important rules to remember when using technology. You will participate using the Nearpod app on the iPads. Next week you will log in and follow the directions on a checklist to locate and bookmark the technology blog.

Finished bookmarking the technology blog? Watch this video to learn more about the word technology.

Extra time? Head to Mousercise to practice advanced mouse skills.