Amazing Animal Slideshow

Create a slideshow about the animal you researched using the Google Slides app on the iPad. Your slides will have information about what the animal looks like, where it lives, what it eats, and interesting facts you learned. Add pictures and transitions between the slides too. The last slide is the video you created with ChatterPix. You will need to use the web based app of Google Slides to add transitions and upload the video.

Snowman Exchange

Build a snowman, type a description, and see if a student from another class can re-create your snowman based upon the description you wrote. First, build your snowman on the Make a Snowman website. Tell a teacher when you’re ready to print and type your name when prompted.

Next, use Stationary Studio to type your description. Use the snowman template under Holidays & Seasons. Have a teacher check, save, then print.

Once finished you will exchange your snowman with a student from another class and see how accurately he/she can re-create it.

Below is a sample description:

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