Trick Word Sentences

Today you will use Stationary Studio to type at least three sentences containing trick words that you are learning. Open Stationary Studio and choose a theme that you like from School & Home. Type your first sentence and be sure to start it with a capital and end with a period. Skip a line and type your next sentence. Continue typing until you finish. Ask a teacher to check and help you save your document.

Picture Subtraction

Using objects in your classroom, make a model of a set (that adds to 10 or less). Open Pic Collage and select freestyle. Take a picture using the camera on your iPad. Next, use the Doodle tool to cross out some of the objects. Finally change the background and type your name. Now, switch with a partner and ask him/her to type a number sentence that goes with your picture. You can make another model and follow the same steps if you have time.