Me on the Map

Create a book using the My Story app that illustrates where you are on the planet, continent, country, state, and town. You’ll practice inserting photos, taking screen shots from Google Earth, and using QR codes. Once your book is finished, record your voice telling about each page.

Farm Math Stories

Create a math picture using the Make a Scene: Farmyard app. Your picture should show farm animals that can be counted to make a math equation. When you’re finished making the picture, save it to the photos app. Then, open the saved picture in Skitch, add any important information with the draw tool, and exchange it with another classmate to solve.


Keyboarding without Tears

Practice keyboarding by using the Keyboarding without Tears program. Your teacher will show you how to get started. You can practice keyboarding with this program on either a computer or iPad. Click the picture below to log in:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.27.00 PM

To use this program at home, the PIN code is C04-38B. You will need your passcode.